Final Tally for the 2014 Spring Season  =         92% Success Rate!


Ken Smith, Pennsylvania, 

Guide – Larry Stephens

Ken Smiths Ocala Osceola - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-15-14

“This was one of the best turkey hunts that I’ve been on! This is my third hunt in Florida and no one has shown me more birds than Larry. I hunt all over the U.S. and he is one of the best guides I have met. I’ve been with a lot of good guides and he rakes in the top 2 precent. I got my turkey slam a few years ago, but Larry put me on bigger birds than anyone else. I would say he is one of the best guides in Florida that I’ve had. If anyone would like to talk with me about my hunt with Larry, just call me (814) 495-4702.”


Brian Threlkeld, Glennville, GA.

Guide – Larry Stephens

Brians Osceola Gobbler with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-19-14


Dean Furbay, Ohio

Guide – Dalton Kenney  (hog),  Larry Stephens (turkey)

Unfortunately, Dean and I only had one morning to hunt a turkey together. I decided to hunt a spot on the Ocklawaha River that has a pile of birds on it. Though the conditions were not that bad that morning, gobbling activity at first light was non-existent. We did finally manage to get a bird gobbling after a bit but he was across the river. We kept fooling with him and eventually managed to coax him to fly across to our side but he would not get closer than 90 yds. Pretty incredible thing to see though, that just don’t happen very often.  I was tied up with another hunter so Dalton took Dean out on an afternoon hog hunt. Dean harvest a real trophy with his open sighted lever gun, a big black Bar with about 3″ cutters! A super hog!

Dean Furbeys Trophy Boar - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-19-14

Dean Furbay turkey hunting 3-20-14 Wild Hen Turkey from Deans Hunt






Dean Furbeys Trophy Boar - Bull Creek Outfitters

Kevin Goebel, Minnesota

Guide – Larry Stephens

Kevin Goebel Osceola Hunt 3-21-14

“The first morning of my hunt Larry had roosted a Gobbler for me on a fresh clear cut. Hens flew down all around us but the Gobbler Landed in the creek bottom. Larry called him out to the edge of the cut to 25 yds but I did not get a shot. We relocated and eventually moved his direction down the creek bottom calling and that got him gobbling again. Larry sneaked us to within 40 yds of him drumming and strutting then called him to 25yds. The creek bottom was so tight I had to take a standing shot off Larry’s shoulder. Unfortunately, my shot load clipped a stump and we were not able to recover him. Incredible hunt!

I have been turkey hunting for around twenty years in the Midwest, and just three days hunting with Larry showed me so many tips about turkeys and their habits it was amazing. Words can’t describe the vast knowledge Larry has about not only turkeys, but all others things in the woods, like plant life, birds , snakes and so many other things. He is very pleasant to be with and he works very hard to get you in position for a shot. I can’t wait to get back to FL to hunt with Larry (if he has me) to hunt more turkey and some hog hunting. If you really want a true backwoods and swamp hunt Bull Creek Outfitters is the company to go with. In summery I would like to thank Larry for a great time in the woods and swamps of FL,



Chris Coffey, Cedar Rapids, IA

Guide – Larry Stephens    We did it all on this hunt…2 Gobblers, a Hog & Kayak Redfishing, all in one week!!

Chris Coffey Hunting with Bull Creek Outfitters 3-24-14

Chris Coffey Hog with Larry Stephens Bull Creek Outfitters 3-24-14 sm

Chris Coffey hunting with Larry Stephens WMA Osceola 3-27-14 2

Chris Coffey Kayak Fishing with Larry Stephens

Chris Coffey Redfish with Bull Creek Outfitters 3-29-14

“Larry, I wanted to share a few words about the our recent hunt and fishing adventure.

In my search for an outfitter to hunt an Osceola turkey, I was able to find Larry Stephens with Bull Creek Outfitters. I am sure glad I did! What initially attracted me to his outfit was the sense of personal touch that he seemed to apply to his clients. After my hunt, I was even more impressed because I got to experience it firsthand. As an experienced turkey hunter, I was a little hesitant to hire a guide to go turkey hunting, but after a short time spent with Larry, I realized I had made the right decision. There is no doubt that my hunt would not have been as successful without Larry as my guide. I was able to take two nice Osceola turkeys and complete my first two lifetime Grand Slams. In addition to the Wild Turkey Grand Slam, I was also able to take a nice Florida Hog and catch some Redfish from a Kayak! My Florida hunting adventure provided great excitement and an amazing new friendship. I truly look forward to coming back to hunt with Larry at Bull Creek Outfitters.
I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciated all the photos and the time taken to set up the photos. I have a TON of amazing pictures, so many that I am having a hard time picking my favorites. I want to send ALL the pictures to my friends and family to share in my hunting adventure, but can only send so many in an email. It sure is a good problem to have! I am very much looking forward to seeing how the videos come out. You seemed to have the camera running for all of our adventures, so I am excited to see what all we came up with.

Overall, I am glad you had fun too. It is hard to communicate how much fun it was to spend a week with someone who loves it as much as I do. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and making my trip very memorable. I am glad to have been able to complete my first two Grand Slams with you. I arrived with you as an outfitter and left with you as a friend. I have been on a number of guided hunts and that doesn’t happen very often.

I am looking foward to keeping in touch. Yes, I hope we can team up and do some hunting again very soon. Regardless of critter or location!

Like I said, it is crazy to try and pick out the best pics, but I will attach some of my favorites for your reference.

Your friend,
Chris Coffey, Cedar Rapids, IA

HS Strut Calling Team Member”


Bob Henderson, Birmingham , AL.

Guide – Self

Bob is an experienced turkey hunter and requested to hunt on his own. On the first morning of his hunt a mature bird strutted down the road behind three hens. He ultimately passed a 15yd shot at that bird hoping for one that would come in gobbling. He said Larry, I could see his spurs!” When I ask why he didn’t shoot him he replied “it was just to much like a waylay hunt and I wanted him to come in gobbling”

“Larry, my hunt down there – a little like the rest of my season was here. Not much gobbling, but the weather was bad the first few days. Letting me go that 4th day was appreciated. But, not sure I’d want to go back to that tract again. If I come down again, I’ll go with you and just do all the work myself. You must have some good places with as many turkeys as you killed off the roost that week I was there.

Take care, Bob”


Clint Burris, Arkansas

Guide – Dalton Kenney

Clint Burris Double Bearded Osceola - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-30-14 sm

Doubled Bearded Tom with 1 1/4″ spurs! 3:30 PM, 18 mph winds!

“Larry, Thanks for Pairing me up with Dalton since you were booked cause he did a heck of a job and he knows that property. He does everything he can to put you on a turkey. Maybe next year I can catch you early enough to get to hunt with you at Bull Creek. I sure appreciate all you did for me.



Steve Tardif, Quebec, Canada

Guide – Larry Stephens   18.2#, 9 5/8” beard, 1” spurs, Struck this bird from the truck around 9:15, 15 min. later he was asleep on the dirt!

“I became this first quebecer to complete and register a grand slam!!

Steve Tarrdif Mid Morning Osceola - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-31-14 sm

“I started planning my Osceola hunting trip last year, looking on outfitters website, hunting forum etc.. But one place caught my attention and it was Larry’s Bull Creek Outfitters and it’s simple why ; you can see that he is a professionnal turkey hunter by reading pages on the website with the advices and knowledge he has. After a phone call to Larry I decided to book with him. Larry provided me with video and pictures and updates about the were about of the turkeys we were going to hunt. I was so pumped the week before, I was barely able to sleep. And then finally, my turn arrived and I went down to Larry’s office. As soon as you enter the place , you know you’ve picked the best guide. We went scouting and the next morning my bird was flopping 41 yards in front of us. The knowledge and woodsmanship that Larry possess can get you any bird in Florida. I had a great time and will be back and this hunt will always have a special meaning for me , I became this first quebecer to complete and register a grand slam!! Thanks Larry

Merci beaucoup,

Steve Tardif

Pro-Staff at Strother Archery, Pro-Staff at Recall Designs Custom Calls and President at Club Dindon Sauvage Montréal



Mike Smith, Florida

Guide – Dalton Kenney    –  Check out the deformed foot and Spur on this TOM!

Mike Smith's first Turkey - Taken with Bull Creek Outfitters 2014 3 sm

Mike Smith first Turkey - Taken with Bull Creek Outfitters Deformed foot and Spur sm

“Larry, What an awesome hunt, it was a great experience! As this was my first Osceola, it will be a lasting memory – hopefully many more to come. I’ll be back next year!

Dalton was a great guide and terrific to hunt with. I’d like to get back up that way for a hog hunt soon. I’ll be in touch regarding the scouting tips.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures we took.

Thanks again,

Mike, (727) 644-4214″ 


Richard Dunkin,  Birmingham, AL.

Struttin 360 Inventor,

Guide – Dalton KenneyRichard Dunkin Thunder Storm Gobbler - Bull Creek Outfitters 3-29-14 sm



Charles “Charley” Boissonneault

Alma, Quebec

Guide – Larry Stephens   20#, 10 5/8” beard, 1 3/8” spurs

Charlies Monster Osceola Taken with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters Apr. 4, 2014

Charlie's Tom Monster Spurs

“My hunting partner Pierre, and I booked a guided hunt for the elusive Osceola wild turkey sub-specie in Florida from April 3-6. We have never used a guide before, but since the Osceola’s are very prized, we wanted to bring the odds higher for both of us.

After a lot of researches, we came to conclusion that Bull Creek Outfitters would be our best bet. With Larry, we had the opportunity to hunt private and public land. The first two mornings we spent were on Ocala WMA. The pre-hunt scouting was done and we had birds to hunt for the first morning, on April third. Pierre and I had action on that morning, but couldn’t seal the deal on a Florida turkey.

Second morning on Ocala, the birds had changed their patterns and we decided to move on to private land.

It took no time before Larry fired up a gobbler. The oak savannah was the home of a old bird well known to Larry. The tom was coming toward us at a good pace, and we did a quick set up to ambush him. No time to put any decoys. In 10 minutes, the bird was there, spitting & drumming, but like the old wise tom often do, he circled us.

When Larry judge that it was safe to slip around the other side of the tree, he made the call and I proceed quick to turn around to get into position for a shot. Larry made a few soft calls, and the tom came back on a string! He was close, but behind some dense bush, luckly, I had a small opening for me to aim for the head. The bird made a few more steps and the red white and blue head appeared on that small unobstructed window and guess what happened next, the steady trigger pull? A magnificient old tom was laying on the sand waiting for me to claim my trophy! I was more than happy about this exciting hunt, in fact, it exceed all my expectations!

Take care Larry!



Pierre Tessier 

Alberta, Canada

Guide – Larry Stephens   19#+, 10 3/4” beard, 1 1/2” spurs!

Pierre Tessier Grand Slam Florida Gobbler hunting with Bull Creek Outfitters 4-5-14 Pierre Tessier Monster Osceola Spurs with Bull Creek Outfitters 4-5-14 sm

“Larry, I wanted to thank you for having us down to hunt, we had a great hunt of course. It was a real learning experience for us but I must say I learned about myself a bit there. From forgetting boots to missing the birds, there were lots of first and I know next time how I’ll prepare differently. I was exhausted physically and mentally which almost cost me the bird of a lifetime. I must be blessed because you kept everything together and he came back giving me another opportunity. I work hard for every hunt to be a success and I know opportunities don’t always come easy and rarely comes by a second time. Now that I’m fully rested and can clearly think about it now, I can’t help but laugh at those little things and be thankful it worked out in the end.

Again, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the time, effort, money and work you put in to raise the odds for your clients Larry.

Thanks again,

Pierre Tessier

Alberta, Canada

Spypoint Pro Staff Member”



Scott & Kim Ellis

Mulberry, Florida

Guide – Larry Stephens 

Though we only had 2 days to hunt, I had a tremendous time hunting with Scott and Kim. A freak gun malfunction let a pair of birds slip by us that came in silent the first morning. We were on multiple birds with 3 different set-ups only to have a super tom slip in to our side at 30yds and pick us off without offering a shot. Damn the luck! 

Scott & Kim Ellis Hunting with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters 4-13-14 sm

“Larry invited my wife Kim and I on a late season Osceola hunt Spring 2014. It was a geunine treat, as he is fine caller and great woodsman.  We came super close to a trio of jakes and even closer to a fine longbeard that somehow got the drop on us before Kim could get a shot off. All in all, it was a great adventure and we had a wonderful time. Larry has access to some great Osceola ground. With his skill set and track record, odds are he will get a bird in front of you!

Thanks again,

Scott Ellis”



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