Special Hunts from the Past!

Rick’s Catheter Tom!

This is one I will always remember! My good friend Rick Ruebel was in the middle of some pretty serious health problems and had not been able to hunt. He was actually wearing a catheter when he harvested this great river swamp Osceola. I had roosted the bird for him the evening before and got to watch him fly up from a power line r/w. The next morning he gobbled 15 times and pitched down 30 yds from our hide, I cut at him to stretch him up and the rest is history! Ricky rolled him up!

“Larry, with all the problems I’ve had with my health lately, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me for you to set this hunt up for me. Thanks again Larry, I would not have had the opportunity to take a bird this year if it were not for you! I think it came close to being my last actually, I owe you one! Ricky”

 Ricks Catheter Hunt with Larry Stephens Ocala Florida 2005 sm

Steve Bailey’s Rainbow Gobbler!

“Larry, I appreciate you putting me on that Bird! I would have never dreamed of the plan you schemed up to take that gobbler but it worked! I still can’t believe it. I thought you were joking when you told me he was going to land in my lap! You’re a turkeys worst nightmare buddy!

Thanks again, Steve, Ormond Beach, Fl.”

Rick Ruebel’s public land Tom!

“For those of you that have not hunted with Larry and seen him in action, I can tell you he’s the turkey roosting master! Larry and I recently hunted a public management area here in central Florida. We split up to roost to cover more ground. I heard a total of zero! When Larry and I met back up after dark I found out he had roosted two gobblers together off the end of a little wet drain on the edge of a cypress swamp. The next morning we slipped in under the cover of darkness to within 50yds. We let the birds start gobbling on their own. Once they flew down all we did was a few soft yelps and a few clucks and purrs. Next thing you know, here he comes, full strut and drumming. He wasn’t on the ground 10 minutes when I killed him! It was like taking candy from a baby! I don’t know how that kid does it! Thanks for another one Larry! Rick R.”

 Ricks Public Land Tom Roosted by Larry Stephens sm

Ham’s Muzzleload Tom!

Ol’ Ham is one of a kind and almost deaf in hearing! I had once again roosted a big flock of fall turkeys and the next morning we set up on them in the dark, Ham erected a net in front of us for cover (which I never do ). In the dark, Ham leans over and whispers, “We can just shoot through the blind, it will catch on fire but we can put it out!” (We were muzzleload hunting) I laugh every time I think about that. What a sport!

Ham Mason and Larry Stephens with a Muzzleload Turkey sm

“This was a little different kind of hunt than I am used to. I would consider myself an old school turkey hunter. Larry roosted this mixed flock of fall turkeys off the end of a woods road that dead ended into a thick creek swamp. I don’t know if you have ever set up so close to roosted turkeys like we did but it’s an incredible sight to see a dozen birds all come off the roost and land all around your blind! We were covered up in turkeys! It was an incredible hunt!

Thanks for the great experience,

Ham, St. Augustine, Florida”

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