Pop-up Hunting Blind

For the purpose of this discussion were going to be talking about pop-up type blinds vs. no blind at all. There is a middle of the road blind situation where a hunter utilizes whatever natural vegetation is immediately available or carries a short netting that can be deployed pretty quickly but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

– Why I Seldom Utilize a Turkey Hunting Blind!

Turkey Hunting Without a Blind!

Personally, I find a turkey hunting blind of any kind more trouble than they are worth unless I plan to be camping out somewhere and that don’t happen to often. I like the freedom of mobility and the feeling of being actively involved in the hunt. Being tied down to one spot while turkey hunting goes against my nature. 

My two most important reasons for not making use of a pop-up style blind is that I just have to much gear to hump in as it is, especially now that I have gotten into self filming my own hunts. The second reason is that I use a very mobile style of hunting and the blind does not mesh well with that. Besides, I just never found them necessary. I would offer this tip as well, if you plan to hunt without any blind or cover in front of you; try to set up such that you cannot see the bird coming from a long way off. If you can see him, he can see you, really good! If you know anything at all about turkeys you know how easy one can pick you off from long range. A turkey’s vision is so good It’s almost scary. If it their great sight magnification was not bad enough, they are very good at quickly accessing what they see and recognizing shapes or anything that is out of place.

Here is another key point; I am not sure exactly how many gobblers I have taken to date but it must be North of 80 by now! The percentage of them shot from a blind is very small. Even smaller is the number shot from a completely enclosed blind. Most of the time I set up so close to a roosted gobbler that any movement required to set up a blind would likely blow the whole deal. The proof is in the results!

– How Can You Locate Your Turkey Hunting Blind to Force a Gobbler to Hunt You!

There is no doubt that there are situations where a turkey blind is a big benefit for a turkey hunter. However, If you feel your need to be in a blind the majority of the time you are probably setting up in the wrong locations to begin with.

One of the most important principals of luring any animal to gun, whether it has feathers or fur, is you have to be calling from the right location! This is where most articles drop the ball and leave you wondering, O.k., just where is the right location? Well, it is not so much a specific place as it is a place with the correct visibility!

It is crucial that your hide be in an area that forces an animal to hunt you!  What I mean by that is this, If you are set up in a place where a turkey can see your position from a long ways out, say 100 yds plus and he can’t see the turkey that he hears calling from that position……guess what happens next? He’ll hang around there, (100yds plus), for about 15 minutes until he realizes there is no turkey there and he either gets suspicious or looses interest and walks off having never come into shotgun range!

Whenever and if at all possible, always call from a place that has enough cover or limited visibility to force the gobbler to have to come in to look for the source of the calling and not allow him to use his superior eye sight. You will loose that contest almost every time. This is the number one mistake many turkey hunters make!

If you remember nothing more from this article than this one tip you will have made it over the biggest hurdle that keeps most hunters from being able to effectively harvest animals using a call.

-What Are The Negative Aspects of Employing a Turkey Blind?

– Bulky and heavy to pack in.

– A hunter may become careless with extended blind hunting as the blind hides his sins.

– There is a great deal of motion and noise necessary to deploy a Turkey Blind

– Reduced Hunter Visibility.

– A Blind Reduces the Hunters Mobility.

– The Blind limits your shooting lanes to a degree and makes follow up shots difficult.


Turkey Hunting Blind!


– What Are The Benefits of Using a Blind?

– A blind really shines for concealing movement? (a turkey hunters nemesis)

– Comfortable, particularly in bad weather.

– Very useful in open country or pastures with little cover.

– If you are hunting with a young hunter that can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes it affords them some movement without blowing the hunt.

– Amazingly and unlike a deer, you can through up a blind in the middle of a field and as long as it don’t move, a turkey will pay no attention to it and walk all around it!

In the end, the decision to utilize a blind basically comes down to your style of hunting for any given hunt. If you are going to be hunting in open country with little cover or large fields, a pop up blind is a big advantage. However, If you are going to be covering a lot of ground, you need to lighten the load and dump the blind! It is neally unnecessary for most hunting situations and presents more negatives than positives.

Best of Hunts.

Larry Stephens

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