Guided Hog Hunts with Bull Creek Outfitters!

Donna’s Hog Hunt – Dec. 19, 2015

Donna's gilt
Thanks again for the great hunt. We both enjoyed the entire trip.
Thanks too for the photos you sent. Tony”


Ricks Monster Boar Hog with Larry Stephens 9-23-15 1

Monster Hog Trail Cam Pic 9-22-15

One of my old huntin’ buddies has been wanting to shoot a big hog. I checked one of my trail cams early afternoon today and there they were…a dozen in one bunch and about 7 in another that came after dark. One in the bunch was a freakin Magnum Boar hog! I called Ricky….”there here, It’s time buddy.” Rick wanted to hunt from a ground blind since that’s how he’ll be deer hunting in Kansas this November. We got to the woods a little after 6PM, got gear together and humped it all in to the stand spot. We were huntin within another 15 minutes. We were maybe 10 min. into the hunt when a young sow or guilt walked out followed by the boar hog of a lifetime! I have seen a pile of hogs in my time but I think this is probably one of the largest I have personally seen. I have had trail cam pic’s of this hog for about 3 years now but never a daylight photo and now he’s standing 20yds in front of us! Took a bit for him to get right for the shot but Ricky put a great double lung shot on him and he probably didn’t make it 75 yds. He shot him with a rage head but the blood trail was less than impressive and of course there was no exit hole. The old boar had some of the most incredible shields on his shoulders I have ever seen..2″ thick. He also had some impressive  3″ cutters! Congrats on a trophy boar Ricky…Glad I was there to share it with you!

big spotted boar HogA heard of FL wild hogs


I guided another hog hunt tonight. Wyatt Kent and his father Troy. Probably the youngest person I have ever hunted. 7 years old! made a perfect shot with a Remington model 700 , youth, in .243. His first kill….He said, “the gun kicked a lot”, LOL
Troy and Wyatt Kent with Larry Stephens 10-11-15

Big Dee Dot Ranch Barr Hog by Bow - Larry Stephens 2


Big wild hog

Hogs Raiding Feeder

Hog crawls into 5 gallon bucket

Wild Hogs at Feeder

Big Red Dee Dot Ranch Hog 031710 010

Hogs on Trail Camera 2013

Close Encounters - BC Boar 10-2-13

John's Bull Creek Boar - Oct. 2013

I just wanted to send over a quick note thanking you for an enjoyable week in the woods. Your passion for the outdoors and wildlife made for an outstanding experience. You will always come in highly recommended in my book! I look forward to another outing with you one of these days.
John Cooper”


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