I pulled some trail camera cards yesterday and there was a pile of hogs that had just started using the area but there was not much for shooters in the group. Most of the hogs were sows with young pigs. There was a small boar hog or two in the bunch and a few young hogs that are a little to small to shoot just yet. I have some feeders running again after a break while I was hunting out of state so I should start seeing some better hogs again soon.

I’ll start doing a little bow hunting here in the next week or two so hopefully there will be a good hog/bow hunt video to post in the near future.

I had a client out this past Saturday on a rifle hog hunt and he harvested a nice young boar but it was about to late to video and I had shut the camera down already. We had walked up on these hogs unexpectedly and there was no time to get the camera going but that’s the way it often goes.

Here’s a few trail camera photo’s, hogs of all shapes, sizes and colors.

See ya in the woods,

Larry Stephens

2 Responses to Wild Hogs at Bull Creek Ranch!

  • Nick says:

    Hey im about to get my hunting license and was wandering are there certain months to hog hunt in FL WMAs and what they would be for places like bull creek and any WMAs close to melbourne. Also are there any WMAs that i can access by boat from Lake Washington and what would be hog hunting requirements in that area along the channels? If anybody could answer some questions or give me some information on property lines and places to legally hog hunt/months to do so I would really appriciate it. Thanks

    • Nick,
      Thanks for your question. I can help you with a little info here. However, the pictures and videos on my site are not from the Bull Creek WMA….they were collected from a private ranch that I do some guiding on here in central Florida.

      That said, here’s what I can tell you about your hog hunting questions. I have killed more wild hogs than you can haul in 10 pick-up trucks in my life and all things considered, I would pick June/July as the best months for killing a hog. These months are some of the hottest of the year and the heat coupled with the moisture coming off the ocean triggers afternoon showers almost every day! When the temp is 90 and the humidity is 92%….you know, miserable….and one of those afternoon showers pops up and cools things down, everything with 4 feet will be moving. That last hour before dark can be outstand. Even still hunting during the shower, you can slip real quiet and get within bow range of a hog with no trouble.

      Unfortunately, to hunt that time of year you probably need access to private plan. I don’t think any of the WMA’s have hog hunts outside of the normal fall deer season. I suggest you follow the link in the sidebar to the FWC’s site and see what is available. They do have some special hog only hunts and there are special quota type hunts, etc. Ithink you can answer most of your questions on the FWC’s site. Also look for the state wide WMA location map which will show you if any WMA’s are close to lake Washington. I am not familiar with this lake so can’t help you with that question.

      During the fall or winter you are going to need to figure out what the natural feed is that the hogs are keying in on. You can’t place bait on public land. If there is any mast crop available, that is what you want to find. That is mostly going to be acorns, cabbage berries or palmetto berries. You can find hogs on the hill if the feed is there but as a rule there going to be someplace wet or low hammock.

      Hogs in Florida are not considered game animals on private land and can be hunted year around. There are only rules for hog hunting on public land.

      Keep me posted on how your search is coming. If you bag a hog, shoot me photo and I’ll post it on the site!

      Larry S.

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