Though evey turkey I have harvested is a trophy in its own right, some have more significance on the list for one reason or another usually for the location, difficulty or the company I was with.  Here are a few of my favorites, Larry S…………

Larry Stephens with his Turkey Beard and Spur Collection 2013


Larry Stephens with a late Season Osceola Tom

Morgan Stephens with Bull Creek Outfitters 2015 1


Last Day Gobbler- Larry Stephens 1

West Fence - Cabbage Creek Harvested by Larry Stephens

Turkey Hunt - Oak Tree Set Up

Owl calling as it cracks light 201

last afternoon tom

River Swamp Gobbler - L Stephens

Miller Tract- Palatka Fl

big cypress set up 4-14-13 1

157 in Illinois Buck by Bow
P&Y Whitetail gross-155 5/8″, Illinois

Osceola Gobbler - Larry Stephens

Bull Creek Osceola 052

 Bearded Hen By Bow - Larry Stephens
Eastern Hen with 7 4/8″ beard

Caravelle Ranch Gobbler


Bull Creek Osceola 020

cabbage creek Turkey Camp 026

Cabbage Creek Coyote & Gobbler

Illinois Eastern Tom

19 lb Osceola with 11 inch beard 034

20 LB Osceola 0698

Bull Creek Gobbler Fooled By Decoys 10636

Tosohatchee WMA 028

Buzzard Island Gobbler - Larry Stephens

Fire Tower Grade - Miller Tract

Triple Beard Fan mount with Breast Plate 4394

White Farm Illinois 0090

cabbage creek 005

The Foot Race Gobbler LG WMA 081

Morgan Stephens with her First Turkey 3-9-13 1

Putnam County Gobbler

Caravelle Ranch 001

Sweet Water Creek - Miller Tract 19 lb 035

CC turkey 003

Stalked Hen Harvest with Bow 060


St Johns River Swamp 039


CC turkey 033

Stalk hunt for an Osceola Hen 0085

Big Dee Dot Ranch Barr Hog by Bow - Larry Stephens 2

Sand Bar Gobbler Bull Creek 030

DD turkey 081

dee dot 008

DD turkey 4-15-11 094

St johns River 038

DD turkey 4-15-11 033

DD turkey 103

Power line Gobbler 034

River Swamp Gobbler & Big Cypress 050

First Self videoed Osceola Cabbage Creek 042


Florida Gobbler 0098

Pine Plantation Osceola 0094

Florida WMA Osceola 039

Florida WMA Osceola 4-1-12 023

Georgia hunt 4-1-12 058

Gobbler Caravelle Ranch WMA 065

Gobbler killed the day my Daughter Morgan was Born 072
That white bracelet on my wrist is from the Halifax hospital! My daughter Morgan was born on Opening Morning….Talk about bad timing!
Managed to kill a nice bird and get back to the hospital before anyone missed me!

Osceola from Ocala National Forest

Gobbler Harvested on Florida WMA 048

Black Jack Gobbler 015



Huge Illinois Eastern Tom 102

Opening Morning Spring Gobbler 01
Opening Morning Spring Gobbler – Miller tract

Illinois Gobblers

One Tough Bird 074

Illinois Eastern Gobbler 06 040

Ocala Gobbler 0086

Late Morning Gobbler taken during a rain WMA 069

Ocala WMA Gobbler 051

Larry & SteveO Dbl 0099

Old Peg - Monster 20.4 lb Osceola Lake George WMA 044

Lake George WMA Gobbler 0103

Morgans Youth Turkeys Hunt 03-10-12 106 crop

Larry & SteveO Illinois 0109

Morgans First Turkey 1

Ocala 020

moccasin drain gobbler 015

Miller Tract Gobbler - 11.25 inch beard 013

Monster Eastern Gobbler 118

Big Red Dee Dot Ranch Hog 031710 010

Morgan's First Turkey - Jake

BC gobbler at the roost

Illinois 158 in Illinois Buck by Bow
P&Y Whitetail gross-158 5/8″

Cabbage Creek West Fence Bird 1710

Flagler Beach Tarpon 8-17-11
Tarpon caught off Flagler Beach from my kayak, 2011


Gobbler over my Shoulder - Larry Stephens

Dbl on Osceolas

Afternoon Turkey Hunt at the Roost Larry Stephens

Breeding Gobbler & Frustrated Buddies - photo by Larry Stephens 2013

Illinois 20pt 2005 200 inch buck

Muzzleload – Illinois 2005, gross-200 0/8″

Cabbage Creek Bird

Larry Stephens with an Osceola gobbler down Dee Dot Ranch Turkey By Bow



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