Hog Hunting

I pulled some trail camera cards yesterday and there was a pile of hogs that had just started using the area but there was not much for shooters in the group. Most of the hogs were sows with young pigs. There was a small boar hog or two in the bunch and a few young hogs that are a little to small to shoot just yet. I have some feeders running again after a break while I was hunting out of state so I should start seeing some better hogs again soon.

I’ll start doing a little bow hunting here in the next week or two so hopefully there will be a good hog/bow hunt video to post in the near future.

I had a client out this past Saturday on a rifle hog hunt and he harvested a nice young boar but it was about to late to video and I had shut the camera down already. We had walked up on these hogs unexpectedly and there was no time to get the camera going but that’s the way it often goes.

Here’s a few trail camera photo’s, hogs of all shapes, sizes and colors.

See ya in the woods,

Larry Stephens

Tom’s Bull Creek Hog!

I was really under pressure to make things happen today!

A client that I had recently guided on a hog hunt had a friend flying in from New York for a visit and wanted to treat him to a hog hunt. The tough part was that I only had one evening to get the job done. If this had been a month or two ago it would have been a piece of cake but there has been so many hogs using this place that they wiped out the live oak acorns that had been falling like rain. Of course the 90 head of turkeys and 15-20 deer ate their share also. The place was literally like a zoo.

As with all things in nature, those conditions have come and gone and so have the hoards or deer, hogs and turkeys. It has come to the time of year where game has a difficult time making a living. All of the mast is gone and it is a while until spring green-up. At this point I will need to keep the feeders running to keep some game using the area.

I decided to drive in on the west side of the property and check out the creek swamp and adjoining pasture to see what we could see for turkeys. It was about 4:00 PM and it was a little weak but we were lucky enough to get to watch a half dozen Gobblers feeding along, weaving in and out of the edge of the swamp, under the live oaks. It was a pretty sight to behold.

Once they moved on we headed for the blind I had set up for our hog hunt.

Ajainst All Odds!

There were a couple of other negatives working against our success this afternoon. The wind was quartering towards where I expected the hogs were going to approach from. I decided to move the blind southeast to keep our scent from getting downwind of the feeder.  Also, not long ago this hammock had a little standing water here and there and pretty much represented ideal conditions for hogs. The woods have really dried up at this point and the hogs have moved to the creek swamp where it is wetter. The  second thing against us was the moon. The major feed time this afternoon would be well after dark.

To be honest I was really worried about our chances of success.

This was going to be the maiden voyage of my new “Grounder 250” blind. These were some big boys but we were able to get all three of us inside and zip the door closed. I had tw0 up front with me in the back running the video camera.

As I expected, things were pretty slow and it wasn’t until nearly 6;00 before we began to see a few does and yearlings coming into the hammock to feed. This was a rifle hunt and we weren’t hunting deer so I did not go to great strides to hide the blind. The deer were quick to realize it was there. We did have some unsteady winds that were not helping either.

Brushed in blind prior to move.

The hunt had literally drawn down to the last few minutes when I made the call to abandon the blind and use the last couple minutes to slip down the hammock, hoping to spot a hog in the fading light.

This turned out to be the decision that saved the hunt.

Tom Gets His Chance!

As we eased alongside a thick strand we came to a tiny open spot that was covered in maple leaf litter. Suddenly, a jet black hog darted into the opening ahead. “SHOOT THAT HOG TOM! SHOOT!” I yelled in my loudest whisper.

Just as Tom’s .308 reached his shoulder the hog bolted and vanished into the dark with barely a sound.

I thought I recognized the hog from pictures I had recently gotten from the trail camera at that spot. I knew there should be a second hog. I told Tom to get ready, there’s another one here somewhere! I waited as long as I could stand it and held just  a minute longer.  Finally, I whispered to Tom, “step up just a little.”

Tom took two steps and up came his rifle. His .308 cracked and the hog crashed off. Tom immediately turned and blurted out, “I MISSED!”

That second hog  did not know why the first one ran and had just been standing there motionless. Had we not been patient and taken a step or made any sound, we would have literally blown our last opportunity.

However, from the sound of the departing hog and the short 35 yd shot, I doubted his claim. “I don’t think so Tom” was my reply.

Tom’s Boar on Trail Cam two days earlier.

We eased up to where the hog had been and quickly found a 2″ spot of blood with my dim hat light. We couldn’t follow the blood trail with that and had to return to the truck for a tracking light. We eased up to where the hog had been and quickly found a 2″ spot of blood with my dim hat light. We couldn’t follow the blood trail with that and had to return to the truck for a tracking light. With better light we quickly straightened out the blood trail. It was pretty much a continuous line of blood all the way to the downed hog and we located him after a quick 100 yd. trail job, piled up in an old woods road. The .308 round had devastated the hogs throat and bled him out in short order.

Tom had taken a nice boar and everyone was all smiles! 

Walking back to get the truck I thought to myself, boy, did we ever pull this one out of the fire!

It had been a short but successful hunt and I hope I can share a blind with Tom again some day.

Tom’s Bull Creek Hog! 1-25-13


Best of Hunts,

Larry Stephens


P.S., I don’t have anything posted on the Guided hog hunting opportunities Bull Creek but it is a great place to hunt, not big but the game is there. If you’re interested in going on on a hog hunt with me, just drop me a line using the contact page and I’ll see what I can put together. L.S.


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