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D  A  M  N   a  Mosquito!!! Ticks and Chiggers too for that matter.

If you have spent any amount of time in the outdoors you’ve no doubt had a run in with one or all of these biting bugs. If you’re a turkey hunter…putting up with these guys comes with the territory. Biting insects pretty much go hand in hand with turkey hunting.

Most of my turkey hunting time, which is almost every day of the season, is spent hunting Osceolas in Florida. There may be some other places in North America that best Florida for biting, stinging bugs but were near the top of the list, guaranteed. This makes devising a plan to defeat the bugs a real must

The First Line of Defense!

Protective outer ware…..The Bug Tamer !      Bug Tamer                   

I Like to avoid using chemicals when ever I can. During dry years when the mosquitos are relatively tame, most of the time I can get by using a Bug Tamer jacket and no repellant. The Bug Tamer has a mesh outer shell with a large chord mesh interior that holds the outer shell off your skin just far enough that the mosquito’s beak can’t reach you. Over the years they have used a few different sizes on the mesh outer shell including some that are tight enough that a no-see um probably can’t get through. I have (3) different versions and camo styles myself.


I almost never use inspect repellant directly on my skin! I just don’t like it and it’s a poor choice for deer hunting anyway. Obviously, turkeys don’t smell so the odor part is not an issue. I consider this a last resort option.

My second line of defense!Repel Permanone

Treat my clothing with an insecticide that is designed for this application. There are a number of companies that sell this product such as “Repel Permanone ” and “ARI Tick Stuff “. One name for it is “Permanone” but the active ingredient is “Permethrin”. As a word or caution….read the warning label on Permethrin….it is not to be applied to your skin! It is for treating clothing only!

Permethrin is the only pesticide approved by the EPA for this uses. When it is applied properly, permethrin binds tightly to the fabrics, resulting in little loss during washing and minimal transfer to the skin. It will reportedly last through multiple washings. Also, Permethrin is poorly absorbed through the skin, although sunscreens and other products may increase the rate of skin absorption.

Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent. It belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids and functions as a neurotoxin.

The chemical binds to the fabric being treated and actually kills insects that come in contact with it. This stuff works incredibly well. You absolutely will not get a tick or chigger while wearing cloths that have been pre-treated with this product. Since I use a Bug Tamer jacket I only treat my pants and saves me a little money. However, If you sit down in high grass or come in contact with brush above the ARI Tick Stuffwaste line, it’s possible you could get a bug on you that way. The jacket and treated pants will eliminate 99% of them anyway.

I have seen ticks literally jump off my pants trying to get away from this stuff! It’s a beautiful thing to see!

You can also treat your head net with the Permanone when the mosquitoes are extra bad. I try to avoid it but sometimes it’s a must. Mosquitoes react a little differently than ticks and it takes a few minutes of buzzing around before they realize your not something they want to eat and leave. You’ll sit down and get swarmed but after a few minutes you’ll realize, they’ve all disappeared!

Additionally, the U.S. Military has been using permethrin to treat combat uniforms for over 20 years in order to better protect soldiers from the risk and annoyance of biting insects.

With this combination you’ll be able to keep yourself pretty much bite free while hunting or scouting.

Oh yeah, your wife will appreciate it when you and your cloths come home, bug free!

Best of Hunts,

Larry S.


There is nothing like acquiring access to a new hunting tract. I just this week added another interesting private property to the roster.

My assessment of the property on the first ride through was that it held some real promise. After putting some boots on the ground and running a trail camera for a week it is obvious that it is going to be even better than I first thought. The deer population is outstanding and we have already seen two bucks on camera that would make the Florida Buck Registry. We broadcasted some whole corn out with a trail camera to keep watch on it and after a week it had 5-6 velvet horned bucks, countless does and a few nice Hogs visiting on a regular basis.

I put out some corn and another camera at another location and after two nights had a big spike and 5-6 does on that one. There are more bucks in this place than you can shake a stick at!

There are two aspects that make this piece of property such a game magnet. The first is that the tract is bounded on two sides by substantial crop fields. The other is the large swamp strand that bisects the property. A large portion of the swap has been cut over and grown back into one giant bedding thicket. The trails coming and going out of the cut over are pretty impressive. Most of the perimeter of the swamp is bordered by a wide band of oak hammock with large mature oaks with a broke to semi open under story. An awesome place to call up a gobbler!

Speaking of turkeys, we found a trail camera that someone had forgotten and reviewed the photo’s on it, along with the numerous bucks and hogs was a pic of (5) mature long beards.

I was scouting another section along the swamp edge that fronts the farm and flushed (3) different birds off the roost at dark this afternoon.

With a good portion of the swamp being cutover and to thick for a turkey to use, it limits the number of turkeys that can be supported but there are also some large pastures and sod fields adjoining that will help off set that a little.

I’ll be getting some more camera traps set up over the next couple of weeks to see what other trophies await to be hunted.

Here are some of the first trail cam pic’s along with some from the forgotten camera we discovered.

Larry S.

Fall gobblers 0230

Florida deer on trail camera

Monster Florida BuckNice velvet 8pt

Florida wild hog.

Florida Whitetail buck in velvet

Whitetail velvet horned buck

florida spotted hog CDY_0023  Florida Buck CDY_0046 Great Florida Buck CDY_0509

Mature Forked Horn cull buck CDY_0529

Buck CDY_0601 Great Looking Florida Buck CDYi0144 Florida Trail Cam Buck CDYi0148

A Pile of Velvet Horned Bucks WGI_0015 Monster Velvet Horned Buck WGI_0027

 Velvet Buck WGI_0091Big Fat Hogs WGI_0110

Some Fine Wild Hogs WGI_0124













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