I have always been a mouth call Man but have found it very difficult to find calls that were consistent from model to model. I can’t tell you how many calls I have purchased that I couldn’t even run. That started me on the path to build my own and come up with some calls that anyone can run and are as consistent as possible from one to the next. Every call is individually hand made, stretched and cut. If it don’t look right it don’t leave my shop.

The following are birds that have fallen to one of the calls I have built…….I love it! Congrats to all on their trophies! Keep em coming!


Pierre Tessier hunting with is Brother.

“We worked real had all morning and with minutes left to legal hunting time on day one we, I caught a strutter crossing a field not less than 800 yards away. He was in a hurry and so were we. My brother called landowner and when he said we could go we were on our way. With 10 minutes to go until noon we ran all the way to the woodlot and walked along a trail parallel to the field. Once we reached our landmark I yelped and a gobble was heard immediately. We set up facing the field thinking the bird would come out but instead he came into the timber at 30 yards strutting, spit and drumming and gobbling his head off. We were leaning against 4” trees but stayed real still until he cleared the thick brush 20 yards away. Red white and blue he was on fire and little brother thread the needle, the shot was right on and he got his first turkey ever. He was stoked, great morning with 27 degree weather and a bright sun. We used the siren on this one, great hunt.”

Pierre Tessier and Brother with Quebec gobbler taken with Bull Creek SIREN call 5-5-15 2 sm

Matt Kondik KY 1 - SWEET SPOT callMatt Kondik KY 3 - SWEET SPOT call

Matt Kondik KY 2 - SWEET SPOT call

I took two guys and both killed birds over the last 3 days. I called them in with the “sweet spot” call you sent me. Love it!!!
Matt “Red” Kondik


Bull Creek Custom Calls are bilingual !

Took out a Canadian Tom today with a BCCC “SWEET SPOT” (ghost cut)….. “Might be my smallest turkey ever, but I dreamed for almost 12 years to hunt in my region, Laurentian. Almost no agriculture, pure hard wood mountains and harsh winter. So taking this jake did put a smile on my face this morning. Hands down, Bull Creek Ghost cut diaphragm did the trick Larry! 2 jakes and 2 hens got fooled right after fly down. Charlie”    

 Check out that picture! I love it!

Charlie Boissonneault - canada -sweet spot 4-28-15 sm

Charlie Boissonneault, Canada “Sweet Spot Call” 4-28-15


“Larry, I’m in Kansas…tagged out on Rios, headed to Nebraska from here Thursday…meeting my two sons and a buddy of mine from La to hunt Merriams. Really looking forward to that. Got here Sat afternoon, killed 3 yr old Sunday morning, and a 2 yr old yesterday afternoon…great hunts. All taken with the STRIKER call you built for me! Bull Creek call puts em to sleep!     Steve Elrod, TN”

Steve Elrod Kansas Rio with Bull Creek - Striker Mouth Call 4-28-15 sm


Charlie Boissonneault takes out another Canadian Tom with his “SWEET SPOT” call

Charlie Boissonneault  Canadian gobbler with bull creek sweet spot call 5-1-15 3 sm

Charlie Boissonneault 5-1-15 2

Charlie Boissonneault 2015 1



Charlie Boissonneault, Canada “Sweet Spot Call” 4-30-15


Pierre Tessier, Alberta, CA.  with a Canadian BC mountain Merriam, Struck this tom with a “SIREN” call 4-15

Pierre Tessier with a Canadian BC mountain Merriam Struck this tom with a SIREN call 4-15 sm


Steve Elrod called in this Louisiana Tom for a friend with a Bull Creek SIREN call, 2015

Steve Elrod Louisiana Tom he call in for a friend with a Bull Creek SIREN call 2015 sm

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