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With Spring just around the corner its time to start thinking about your turkey hunting equipment.

Yesterday I remembered that I needed to look into a “failure to feed” issue that my beloved Remington 11-87 has developed. It Just don’t quite seem to have enough oomph to shove the follow up round fully into the chamber.

This came to a head this past spring when it almost cost me a bird. I spent days and days hunting this one gobbler at the end of the season. An unusually tough bird, wouldn’t come to any call I used, would shy from even an AvianX decoy and had no real pattern other than he would come to this one long road once each day to check for hens that would dust there. However, there was no pattern to the time of day he arrived. I just made up my mind I was going kill him or end my season trying.

I was finally reduced to just waiting him out. I was about 3 hours in to the hunt one day when he stepped out in the road several hundred yards distant. I had a new plan this day however. The previous hunt he had shyed from the deks at about 100yds. This time I moved my hens 100yds back behind me! Sucked him right in!

Well, took my shot, knocked the bird down, he’s flopping like a gigged flounder, I stand up in the blind and he’s on his feet running all out? I throw up for a follow up shot and FTF! Foot race ensues, bird escapes. Lucky for me my coon hound Lacy was able to track the thing down for me and save the day!

Long story, that’s how we arrive at this point with the gun in a pile.

Remington 11-87 Premier 1 sm

Googling the problem it appears that a corroded, gunked up action spring inside the stock is typically the issue. Sure enough, it was pretty nasty. Some wire wheel action to the spring and a 50cal brass brush to the tube and we’re good to go. For a little extra power I stretched the spring which is about 14″ long, 1″ inch. Of course while it was apart we cleaned everything else up and gave it a light coat of oil.

Got it all reassembled and seems to be working properly. I’ll run some shells thru it shortly just to make sure she’s good.

I am sure I have some other issues with my gear to address, my guess is that you do also. It time to take care of them and get everything squared away.

Best of Luck,

Larry S.

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