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 Photo by Larry Stephens

Hunting is my passion, particularly turkey hunting and I would like to invite you to come hunt with me on a one on one guided hunt for the prized Osceola Turkey. These turkeys are a little more difficult to hunt than other sub-species. They can live in some pretty nasty places and typically gobble considerably less than the more vocal turkeys you may have hunted.

However, if you’re a turkey hunter you’ve got to have an Osceola to complete your collection!

Each season I like to share a few hunts with a small number of fellow hunters. My style of hunting is pretty aggressive and I’ll admit I’m in it for the action. I like to take the hunt to the bird. I want to have a tom roosted for the mornings hunt, sneak in next to him in the dark and let him pitch down right into my lap! If there is a bird gobbling, that’s the action I want to be in on. If this sounds like the kind of adventure you would like to get in on, give me a call or email me and let’s discuss how we can get you on a trophy Osceola!

I would invite you to take some time to explore my site. All of the photographs and videos on this site were taken by myself and attest to the number of hours I spend in the field each year. The articles on the site are all based on my own knowledge, hunting experiences and observations.


Dee Dot Ranch Turkey By BOW sm2

2015 Finishes Strong at 100%


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Hunt #10, Dennis Griffin, GA :

I have seen more than my share of Osceolas in my life but this was one of the best I have ever seen to date. He was a true Magnum and will rank #86 in the NWTF record book! He had an 11 3/4″ beard,           1  7/16″ & 1  3/8″ spurs …..and  20 lbs. 9 oz.

Dennis Griffins Monster Osceola Tom taken with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters

Dennis Griffins Monster Osceola Tom taken with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters 3


Hunt #13, Tristan & Crystal Pendergrass, FL :

Another monster trophy down! A custom slate and Bull Creek “SIREN” call did it again.
This tom was 18.78 lb, had an 11 1/2″ beard and 1 5/8″ and 1 9/16″ spurs! A MAGNUM!

Tristan Pendergrass Big Osceola Hunting with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters


Hunt #9, Chuck Gibson, OH :

A Magnum sized Tom He had 10 3/8″ beard and 1 5/8″ & 1 1/2″ spur! really sharp. heavy weight also.. 19.62#

http://guidedturkeyhunting.com/testimonials-3/2015-hunts/ 1 sm

Hunt #6, Steve Elrod, TN :

Steve’s hunt was another one that went right to the wire and had lots of ups and downs. We roosted flocks of turkeys only…..READ MORE….

Steve Elrod Osceola Tom with Larry Stephens - Bull Creek Outfitters


Hunt #14, Larry Stephens, FL :

One for the Guide! A really great Bird and a gobbling fool. He had a 10 1/4″ Beard, 1″ spurs, 18.07 lb., Ammo- Winchester Longbeard XR 3″- #6, Call – Bull Creek Custom Calls – “SIREN” mouth call….again!
Larry Stephens with a late Season Osceola Tom

Ricks Monster Boar Hog with Larry Stephens 9-23-15 2

Rick Ruebel with a Monster of a Boar Hog 9-23-15…..See More…”Ricks Big Boar


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Bull Creek Ranch 2014!


Special Hunts from the Past!

The following are just a handful of the hunters I have shared a blind with and guided to a successful outcome. It is always rewarding to receive some words of appreciation and I have included some of their comments along with a photo or video of their trophy.

Tim & John’s Hog Hunt!   Oct. 1,2013

Tim & John Bull Creek Hogs - Oct. 2013

I just wanted to send over a quick note thanking you for an enjoyable week in the woods. Your passion for the outdoors and wildlife made for an outstanding experience. You will always come in highly recommended in my book! I look forward to another outing with you one of these days.
John Cooper”

Morgan’s First Osceola!   MAR. 9,2013

Awesome Osceola turkey footage! 10yr old Morgan Stephens takes her first turkey on a youth hunt with Bull Creek Outfitters in Central Florida. Watch a flock of longbeards rush in and pummel her downed turkey. Being both Guide and Dad, it was a pretty special day and a harvest to remember!

Morgans First Turkey sm


The Hunt for Godzilla!  Mar. 17,2013

This was truly a memorable hunt. This was probably the Best Osceola I have ever laid eyes on! Five beards!  11 1/8″, 8 3/8″, 6 1/2″, 7 1/4″ & 4 5/8″. He weighed in at 20.11 lbs! and had 1 1/4″ and 1 1/8″ spurs! I felt fortunate to have taken part in the epic hunt which included (4) different gobbling birds that gobbled at everything that made a sound. Steve made a difficult off shoulder shot to save the day! Excellent work Steve!

Larry, Thanks for all your hard work and helping me to harvest the trophy of a lifetime! Steve Bailey, Florida.

Steve Bailey takes a 5 bearded Tom with Larry Stephens Bull Creek Outfitters sm

Osceola Turkey with 5 beards

Steve Bailey and Larry Stephens with 5 bearded Turkey


Gerry Glass’s first turkey !

I have hunted with Larry a number of times over the years but never for turkeys. We have a pretty healthy population on the farm I own in Illinois. I have never actually hunted turkeys and after hearing some of the incredible adventures Larry has been involved in I decided to ask him if he would travel with me to our farm and give me a crash course in turkey hunting. We were dealt some really tough cards when we arrived and the winds the first morning were blowing 25-30 mph! Luckily we had roosted a gobbler the night before. With Larry’s expert advise I was able to harvest my first turkey under some extreme conditions.

If anyone is looking to hunt with someone that really knows their stuff when it comes to hunting turkeys, Larry is the person that can make it happen for you!

Gerry Glass, Ormond Beach, Fl.”

Gerry Glass First Turkey with Larry Stephens 2009

Rick Ruebel’s Turkey Drive!

I have come up with some hair brained Ideas before but this was right up there with the best of them. The hunting grounds….West Central Illinois, my mission….locate a bird for my good friend Rick. I was tagged out already and it was the eve of the last day to hunt! I had positioned myself where I felt I had a good chance of hearing a bird at dark. Dark came and no tom ever gobbler on the limd but I heard a bird fly up about 80 yds from me off the corner of a field. I set up some decoys in the dark and left them over night in case this was to be the only thing we had to hunt. Rick came up bust roosting so the plan was to hunt the bird I had heard fly up.

We got into position in the dark and waited. What a relief when the bird finally started gobbling. He gobbled maybe 12-15 times before he flew. When he broke thru the canopy and saw the full strut tom and the others, he banked hard 90 degrees and flew down the side of the field a hundred yards! Rick said “what the hell just happened?”

I knew from experience how the birds move through this spot and quickly crafted a plan to drive the turkey to Rick! Due to a thick edge off the back of the field the tom really had to follow the narrow strip of woods back to the corner.

I whispered to Rick, “slip down behind that big elm off the corner of the field….I’m gona drive him to ya!” Rick’s reply….”I ain’t doin’ that!  I had to force him but he went. I quickly looped around the field and eased into the woods. I hadn’t gone 50 yds when I heard the Report of Rick’s shot! Big Eastern down! The options were turkey drive or tag sandwhich! Good choice Ricky.


“I don’t even know what to say about this hunt! Driving a turkey?? I missed out roosting a gobbler that evening but once again, Larry came through when all the chips were down. We took a gamble on the silent bird but man did it pay off. I will never doubt you again Stephens!

Thanks once again for another trophy tom, Capt. Rick, New Smyrna Beach, Fl.”

Rick's Illinois Eastern with Larry Stephens 2007


If you are looking to fulfill your own quest for an Osceola Gobbler, give me a call at (386) 437-5903 or email me from the contact page and we‘ll see what we can put together to have you looking down the barrel at a big Osceola.

Best of hunts,

Larry Stephens


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Dylan Godwin Oklahoma Tom 2016 1 s Dylan Godwin harvested this Oklahoma Tom with a single shot .410 and a Bull Creek Custom Calls mouth call.

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